What is C?

C is a procedural oriented general-purpose programming language that was designed by Dennis Ritchie, 42 years ago back in 1972.

The idea of the development of C

The development of C was deeply bounded with the development of the Unix operating system.

It was basically developed with the idea of making utilities that can run on Unix.

Later development of C

In the later years, it was used for redesigning the kernel of the Unix operating system.

In the late 1980s, C started to gain popularity as an independent programming language.

And was then implemented in a lot of mainframes, micro, and mini-computers.

Standardization of C

C was then standardized by ANSI(American National Standards Institute) in 1989 and by ISO(International Organization for Standardization) in 1990.

C as of now

And with the passing time and updates, C became better and better and now it is one of the most used programming languages.

What actually is C with Classes?

C with Classes was the concept that later took the shape of C++ or we can say that C with Classes was the actual foundation of C++.

C with Classes adulting as C++

A Danish computer scientist at Bells Lab, Bjarne Stroustrup wanted to develop an extension to C as to extend its capabilities.

He wanted to make an efficient and flexible programming language similar to that of C but with more capabilities and features.

And ended up developing a high-level programming language with classes and objects which in later came to be known as C++.

How C evolved as C with Classes

Bjarne Stroustrup developed C with Classes with all the objectives, features and capabilities of C already but also added some high-level features to the language that made it more structured and object-oriented.

The evolution of C++

Later in the year 1983, C with Classes was renamed to C++ and was provided with lots of useful features like – improved type checking, function name, operator overloading and forward slash ( // ) single line commenting.

C++ first edition

The first official version of C++ first appeared 34 years ago, in 1985.

Standardization of C++

C++ was initially standardized in 1998 and was then amended by C++03, C++11, C++14 standard in the later years.

ISO standardized the latest standard version of C++ in 2017, informally known as C++17.

Updates and Patches

In 1989, version 2.0 of C++ was launched and was given the second update to it in 1991.

Then the language received some major updates and capabilities like – static member functions, multiple inheritances, constant member functions, static member functions, abstract classes, and protected member functions.And the later development also enabled it for – casts, namespaces, templates, exception handling, and boolean data type.

After the 2.0 update, C++ blew as a programming language and become very popular among the programmers and developers.

C++ as of now

Currently, in 2019, C++ is the 4th most popular language after Java, C, and Python according to the TIOBE index.

Applications of C++

C++ is mainly used for developing desktop applications, stand-alone system software, parts of some operating systems and internet browsers.

Applications written in C++

Here’s a list of some of the popular software that is written in C++

Adobe Systems

Many software suites of Adobe systems are written in C++ programming language like – Adobe Photoshopillustrator, image ready, and Adobe Premier.

Is C with Classes the same as  C++ or different?Google’s Chromium browser, Google file system, and MapReduce cluster data are also written in the same language.

Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird

Is C with Classes the same as  C++ or different?

Mozilla’s developed famous internet browser Firefox and the email client Thunderbird are also written in C++ programming language.


Is C with Classes the same as  C++ or different?
My SQL, world’s most popular open-source database system, with over 100 million of its copies downloaded and distributed throughout its history is also powered by C++.

Autodesk Maya

Is C with Classes the same as  C++ or different?
Maya, one of the most powerful and most popular animations and rendering software available in the industry that provides a host of useful tools for animation, motion graphics, virtual reality, and character creation.

Autodesk open source center also has plenty of C++ projects.


Is C with Classes the same as  C++ or different?
WinAMP, the all in one media player. that allows you to handle audio, video files, disk burning, enjoy free music and sync your music across your devices has a backend written in C++ too.

Operating Systems written in C++

Is C++ powerful enough to power an operating system


Yes! It is.

These are some of the operating systems that are written in C++.


Is C with Classes the same as  C++ or different?
Yes! World’s one of the most used operating systems, Windows parts are written in C, C#, and C++ and most of the windows apps are also coded with the same language as it is powerful and robust.

Apple – OS X

Few parts of Apple’s Operating system X are also coded in C++, A Few applications of apple environment are written in c++ too.

Symbian OS

One of the widely used operating systems for the mobile environment in history, the Symbian OS was entirely written in C++.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic.

01. Is C++ still in demand?

Since C++ shows up on number 04 in 2019, it concludes that the charm of this language is not over yet.

The developers are still drawn to this language and it will continue to be in high demand, thanks to its reliability, performance and huge variety of contexts and practical applications it applies to.

02. Is C++ worth learning in 2019?

No Doubt! C++ is a high-level object-oriented programing language that totally goes with today’s world and programming environment. It also catches up new things with regular updates.

It is even regarded as the most powerful programming language to be used with Microsoft’s .NET framework.

But if you’re a beginner and you’re starting to learn how to code you probably should not go so hard on C++. Before that, you should learn some basic and easy programming concepts. And start with some language that is algorithmically and syntactically easy.

Because C++ is the enhanced version of C, a better, object-oriented, compiler supported high-level version that makes it a little hard for the starter language.

Instead, As a beginner, you can go with languages like – Java and Python that will be quite easier for you to start learning and understanding the programming concepts.

And once you get to know the programmer’s way of thinking, algorithms, and syntax of these languages you can then very easily catch up with C++.

It is just the syntax that changes with every language but the algorithm remains the same.

The way of solving the problem would remain the same but the coding language and the syntax will change.

It’s like… you have to say the same thing to the machine but in different languages.

03. Is C++ still used in 2019?

C++ is not going anywhere. It is one of the oldest, widely popular, and one of the most used programming language available, since it is really powerful, fast, reliable and robust.

And to the question.

Yes! C++ is the 4th most popular language and is used in 2019 for software development, operating system, system software, software add-ons, device drivers, high-performance server applications, and video games and even in some real-life applications.

Hence C++ is still a widely popular programming language.

04. What are the disadvantages of C++?

Some of the disadvantages of C++ are:

  • It lacks security.
  • Thread support not built-in.
  • Garbage collection not supported
  • C++ for web applications are complex and tough to debug.
  • C++ makes it really very complex and complicated while dealing with large level programs.
  • It is mainly used for platform-specific development only; C++ is not platformed independent like Java.

05. Can I learn C++ in a month?

If we are talking about the basics of C++ then yes it can be mastered under a month with regular concern and practice but if you take C++ language as a whole this is not happening until you’re a superhero or something.

It is really a vast and complex language in its origin and it takes up time to master the art of C++.

06. How long it takes to learn C++?

Again if we are talking about being able to create high-end programs and software and if you’re really looking forward to putting some precious hours of your life every day in learning C++ then it may take you from 04 – 06 months to master C++.

If you’re not a beginner and already know to program in some other language then this won’t take that much time instead it will be quicker.

But at the end of the day all, it comes down to is how many hours you’re putting in learning and practicing.

07. What can be created with C++?

As discussed earlier C++ is a high-level object-oriented programming language, packed with features like – Polymorphism, Inheritance, Encapsulation, and Data Abstractions that makes it capable of building high performance and powerful high-end products.

C++ is used in creating Operating Systems, stand-alone applications, system applications, device drivers, server-side applications as well as high-end video games.

08. Why is C++ advantageous?

Some of the benefits of C++ are as mentioned:

  • It is an Object-oriented high-level programming language.
  • C++ has a rich library of functions.
  • It is a portable language.
  • C++ is a robust, efficient and performance-driven language.
  • Being an OOP language C++ supports function overloading and exception handling.

09. What kind of programs are written using C++?

From the simplest to the most complex systems. You can create just anything with c++.

Being an Object-oriented language C++ has so much to offer just like Java, Python and other powerful languages.

It depends on the developer how efficiently they use it. You can write an operating system in it, system applications, server-client applications, you can write supported device drivers for any device you can even develop video games in this language.

Last but not least

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